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Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

I’ve seen all of this from some of my friends who are super into D&D. COINCIDENCE?!

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Last Week Tonight’s Dog Supreme Court.

Yes, I saw Twilight - my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever. After the ‘film’ was over I wanted to smack her across her head with my shoe, but I do not want a (tell-all) book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die. So instead I gave her a DVD of Murnau’s 1922 masterpiece Nosferatu and told her, ‘Now that’s a vampire film!’ And that goes for all of you! Watch Nosferatu instead!
Lauren Bacall  (via cinemastatic)



I’m very pleased to announce the digital-only BOO!Halloween Stories 2014 from Monkeybrain Comics, a followup to last year’s four-part BOO! series (still available for only 99 cents each!). Behind a luscious cover by Rusty Shackles, you’ve got eleven spooky stories and eerie illustrations from that huge cavalcade of creators listed above - all for only $1.99! Two measly bucks for 64+ pages of story and art, and all of it lookin’ this good! Plus you got a chance to win an original page of art, yow!

You can pre-order your copy of BOO! Halloween Stories right now over at Comixology! Don’t miss out!



check out the kickstarter for the AR book we’re trying to get together featuring a bunch of these GIFs! 
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